CADKEY and PRT Files

We can help if you have PRT files you need to access or if you are a CADKEY user interested in updating your CAD

CADKEY is a 2D/3D mechanical CAD software application originally released in 1984 and superseded by KeyCreator in 2004. Kubotek Kosmos continues to build KeyCreator products upon the history-free modeling and 2D/3D workspace at the core of CADKEY, expanding interoperability and functionality to meet the needs of independent manufacturers. The KeyCreator Pro user interface maintains many options familiar to CADKEY users, helping to make the transition smooth.  

CADKEY is a common source of PRT files in existence today. CADKEY is no longer supported, but Kubotek software (and only Kubotek software) can access 100% of the data in legacy CADKEY files. (for more on the PRT format, check out our blog).

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