Grant Request

Kubotek Engineering Education Program (KEEP)

Kubotek Kosmos recognizes the need for increased student enrollment, higher skill levels and more students completing programs in the fields of engineering. We are dedicated to providing schools and students the tools they need to be successful in the pursuit of their engineering careers. To assist in this endeavor, we allocate funding to assist schools in the purchase of the leading 3D direct modeling CAD software available today, KeyCreator. 

Please complete the KEEP Program Grant Request form on this page and submit it to us. Our academic manager will contact you to discuss your needs and program in more detail. Based on the information provided, a determination will be made as to the grant award to be given, if any. As funding is limited for this program, awards will be made to assist as many schools as possible and will be made to schools willing to be committed academic partners. Awards will be made in the form of credits towards the purchase of academic licenses of KeyCreator software.

This program is currently only available in Canada and the USA.